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Money Abundance

Money and Manifesting: How to Attract Abundance

What is Money Abundance according to us ?

To be Rich forever is Money Abundance. Money when showers unlimitedly is Abundance. Money received with Grace of God and Guru is Abundance 😇

BENEFITS OF Money Abundance

  • Immediate inflow of Money
  • Expands wealth consciousness
  • Helps to increase awareness which eventually removes the blockages in thoughts and also removes the insecurity about money , brings mentality stability .
  • Heals Money Karma
  • Heal root chakra which clear past money blockages.
  • Bring harmony in all elements and chakras
  • If your root is balanced then only you will balanced your sacral(That is present )
  • Helps to balances your Mangal or mars

Who can be helped by Money Abundance?

  • Who want to manifest Money into his/her life
  • Who is thinking Negative, Wondering if he/She can really manifest Money ?
  • Who is not Financially Stable
  • Who want to Align to the Energy of Money.

How our Money Abundance Session works ?

We will guide you in order to show you

  • How to create and accept abundance
  • How to align to Energy of Money
  • We will help you to dissolve Money blockages ( Past Believe, Fear , Insecurity )
  • As we work together, your Financial situation will heal as fast as you’ll allow.