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What Is Karuna Healing

Karuan Karma soul & DNA Healing

Karuna - compassion

Compassion is a state of consciousness which combined with energy, has great transformational power.

Benefits of DNA & Karuna Healing

  • Improves relationship issues.
  • Makes feel light, balanced, more positive n pure.
  • Heals past & present karmas
  • Activated psychic powers and senses of the body
  • Helps in transformation.
  • Balance hormones n blood parameters
  • All health issues (even DNA LEVEL), financial issues, relationship issues can be healed with regular practice
  • Helps to find out the soul and life purpose
  • Helps in alignment of chakras
  • Helps to remove fear and fobia.

What does Karuna Karma Soul & DNA Healing Means according to us ?

  • Karuna Karma Soul & DNA healing,
  • Is Delta level Healing for your Soul karma of Past, to be in better present and Best future.
  • Its for healing DNA information transferred from Past life or parental Genes.

How Karuna karma Soul & DNA Healing works ?

Karuna karma Soul & DNA Healing works on Soul Level & DNA Level. It helps to Regenerate new cells. Also works on Karma Level by unlocking your Karma making it possible to heal it. Suppoose If you have some diseases which has been Carry forward from the Past then DNA & Karuna karma Soul helps to change the energy of those Cells. This Therapy not only Heal But also release deep- Rooted Issues , Negative patterns , Fears etc