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Aura Photography

Aura PhotoGraphy


An aura is described as an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and is associated with their energy—and while it can actually be seen by certain people, it can be felt by everyone. (Getting your aura read is basically the OG version of a vibe check.) Every person has a unique aura that reflects their current condition. People who are sick or emotionally upset have weak shadowy auras, while healthy happy people have auras that are strong bright auras. A strong healthy aura is essential in blocking negative influences from draining energy and vitality from us. You can See your Aura by Doing Aura Scanning and You can find out what your Aura says about your Financial Status , Relationship Status and Health status !AURA is a very useful source of deep Insights and for quickly connecting to the truth of one’s Soul. Aura changes According to how someone is feeling, Both emotionally and physically and what they are thinking about. This ensures the information we receive from one’s Aura is Accurate and Relevant


  • Check the true root cause of your disease.
  • Check energy level of 7 chakras.
  • 5 Elements.
  • Body Energy Level.
  • Effects of Vastu.
  • Energy leakage (Depletion).
  • No side effects.
  • No oral medication.
  • Can diagnose any disease 3/4 Years before it presents in your physical body.
  • Spirit Attachment.
  • Root Cause of Financial Issues.
  • Analytic of Past , Present and Future Energy.

List of Answer you can get from Aura Photography

  • Why do you carry Fear, Anger ,Phobias ?
  • What Karma your Carry ?
  • What is the reason for your health issue ?
  • What are your Financial Blocks ?
  • What was your Past Patterns?
  • What will be your Future ?

How it works

Upload the Pictures below Reference Picture :

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before sending us the Picture

  • Background should be lighter.
  • Space around the body.
  • No electronics in the pockets or nearby.
  • No metal nearby.

How much time it takes for Aura photo scan and Report?

Usually you get it within 7 working days. However, safely you can promise 10 working days to generate the report.

Type of Aura Report

We have 2 Types of AURA REPORT

  • Short Report
    • Will be very Specific about Present, Basically Where you have to work on
    • Charges ₹ 1500 In India
  • Long Report
    • Detailed Information about Past , Present , Future , Aura , Mind , Vastu , Chakras , Health Issues , Negative Energies etc
    • Charges ₹ 2500 In India
    • Charges $ 100 Outside India

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