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What is Energy

What is Energy


What is Energy

Energy is an aura, electric magnetic waves, thoughts are electrical and our emotions are Magnetic. Aura is known as chhaya, the shadow. When any God idol is placed inside Temple, its Pranprathista is done. We do pradakshina of that God Ideol, God Idol Energy field is created and we clear our energy with that field and we get energized. His is done in all religions, its all for doing purification and getting energetic. Purification and Detoxification is must in the life, Removing wastage from body, removing negative thoughts from our mind is very necessary, Unless and until you don’t do this, your Aura (energy) field will develop blocks and remain congested. If you don’t do correction at energetic level, Science say, diseases will get manifest in the body like diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, cancer.

Our thoughts, emotions are at energy level i.e. at gaseous state. If not corrected at gaseous level, then it goes to liquid form, i.e. lymphatic, blood level, at this point the latest stage manifestation takes place. Blood parameters like cholesterol, haemoglobin, sugar level get disturbed, if not corrected at this stage, then body parts like liver, heart, skin start getting damaged, uterus damage, this is slow process, we have not taken care at time of early stage. By doing regular Yoga, healing practice, mediation, staying connected to nature, energy cleansing is done regularly, body detoxification and mind catharsis happens.

How can we identify if we have positive Energy or Negative energy.

The answer Is what do you feel while speaking, eating, doing some other thing . If you say Happy then you have positive energy, While speaking to other if you feel fear/frustration/ irritation, then its negative energy.

What is energy level Correction.

Balancing your self with five elements, balancing your chakras is called energy level correction. This can be done by various techniques like, Raj yog, Sudarshan kriya ,Gayatri mantra, fasting, Yoga, jogging, aerobic ,Healing etc .

Once you follow any of the above process, your energy get merged with nature. This is very important, you cannot become natural without this. You become more energetic and happy, nature keeps you giving vitamins, calcium, mineral, electrolyte etc. Nature do it in many ways, for example, school time we have learn about rainbow color, Nature can also heal with colors , if green color energy is low, then you need eat more green vegetables, for orange color , Orange Fruit, for yellow color Mausambi fruit. You might never have imagined why there are different fruits of different colors.

Nature is already aware of change in human body going to come after certain period of them, when we understand our body energy, we can take it from nature, instead of medicine.

We are lacking to understand in our body energies due to treatment that we get from childhood, if we have any health issue, our parent with good vision take to doctor, he prescribe medicine. If we were lacking in education, we were taken to Jyothish, He then says due to week planets. In this way we get trained of using external things in life, we are never taught of doing inner analysis.

Western countries have seen that people in india take education of Gurukul, Vedhas ,sanskar, so they cannot dominate india. They therefore introduced their education system. They used to educate people to do self control.

We have Ram, Arjun earlier, they neither were engineer, doctor nor MBA , still they were multi skilled people. They used to go with ethology and nature. They use to do meditation, self-realization, they use to take awareness experience, they use to create there own energy. They used to sense what should be done when there was disturbance in their energy.

We in Spiritual Process, remove negativity from mind, we do forgiveness, we give blessing, love, healing, that means inside you positive energy is getting regenerated, vibration is getting created, Positive Aura Field is getting generated. We go to Priest, Masters, Poojari, Temple because they have strong positive energy, they have 10 times large auric field then us.