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Types Of Karma

Types Of Karma


Types Of Karma

Types Of Karma And Dosha

We as a doctor does not believe karma and Dosha, All doctors believe that if any human is not feeling well it can be due to only two reasons, One is due to organisms which create bacteria in the body, or people have health issues like diabetes , Blood pressure, cancer, Hyper tension or Asthma Arthritis . When I come to this field , I felt to do research in this field , From childhood I have listen a lot about karma and Dosha.

Karma is Divided in Three types

Sanchitta karma

karma is carry forward from many past life. Karma is action and this action gives experiences. Take an e.g., When we eat oily spicey food we get positive experience, but at the same time if there is acidity due to this type of food then it is negative experience. in world all things have one polarity experience. Sanchitta karma Means all our pending experience right from our plant’s life, animal life, minerals life, Human being experience, one by one all start coming out. Let Say if we have 10,000 Lesson /karma Pending which our soul has to take experience after that only our soul can become free, it can be like in each life only 30 to 50 karma Popup and which come out is call Prarabdha Karma

Prarabdha Karma:

This is stage where the popup karma from Sanchitta karma are ready for you to take an experience in your current life. In same way God has plan for us to meet same type of people, same type of education will be provided, same type of job, profession will be there in life, Husband / wife, children, all circumstance will be created in same manner. We should be ready for accepting this. In case if we are not able to understand or we try to avoid, then they will surely create a problem in the life. Many times, we say, why these people came in my life, when I did not expect them any time. Its you are the one who have decided that out of 10000 Karma, the life that we are going to take, you will learn 10 Lesson or 50 lesson which was your choice, you have approved, but question is how it is possible,

Simple concept , When you go to any restaurant, you ask for menu List, you select 2 or 3 items from Menu list which might have more then 50 Items, You have ordered , Waiter went to prepare dish for you, after few minutes when you ask the waiter to cancel the order, waiter refuse to cancel, He says you ordered , we have already prepared , now you have to take ordered dish, Now whether you eat or leave it , you have to pay the bill.

Similar way you cannot blame anyone such as because of some one your life got spoiled, you have decided that upcoming life you are ready to learn the lessons, like rich life, poor life, education, illiteracy, Job, Profession, etc. God place your birth in one of nakshatra that suit the situations. And in same manner , our astrological charts get prepare, Astrology says, there are 12 house, out of that your x house is week , sometime finance house is week, some time health house is week, sometime relation house is week, Rahu and ketu have position good/ bad, you have Kalsarp dosh etc, we don’t understand the astrological chart, but Astrologer can understand the report . As doctor can read medical report and tell you , you have diabetes, high blood pressure etc , Similar Astrologer can tell which karma you have taken birth , you will face issues of that karma, when you show astrology chart to Astrologer/ Pandit/ Poojary, then he can explain what type of karma it is and how you can get free from it, he might ask to do some pooja/ vidhi/ meditate x time of x mantra etc.

Base on all this type of Karma Kand, our ancestors had created Karma Kand vidhiya, like feed to crow, feed to cow, etc. so that we can follow the religion, its just like giving home-work, as we give homework to our children, they do study else they wont study. Earlier Raja / Maharaja had pandit/ Poojary in raj Darbar, Praja was illiterate, Praja need to be given homework, Pandit/Poojary use to ask to xyz pooja to get relief from poverty, that belief system is still in our DNA. Foreigner (non-Indian), they don’t have any believe system like Dosha in their DNA and mind, so they don’t get any problem. They deal in anything, because they are aware that they have to face the situation whether they get succeed or not, We Indian/ Eastern Country people don’t want failure, and hence we always try to find out escape. If you try to escape then karma will be pending, just like if student don’t like maths, he still has to do maths to get clear in exams. All Dosha are our pending syllabus, that we need to complete. Let’s say Pitru Dosh, Pitru dosh means ancestors, it does not mean that any ancestor is creating problem for you. Pitru Dosh means they have created desires at the time of there birth, they have created some wishes, that is not completed, That Wishes gone in subconscious. We have taken their blood chemistry; we have taken birth with there DNA. That wish has pop up in our DNA, we feel this was not our wish , we have taken birth with different wish but different thing is happening in our life , Then Astrologer will tell you, you have Pitru dosh.

Here is the twist, your ancestor has wished that you should become Engineer and your wish was to become Doctor, its now our choice wheatear to live life as per our wish or ancestors , Now you need to change believe system, you need to do healing so you can get from Pitru dosh. Its not like by feeding crow, your Pitru dosh get clear, You cannot escape by telling to pandit to do pooja to get ride off, remember , no parents, grandparents will Curse you.

Now coming to Kalsarp Dosh, Kalsarp dosh does not mean you have killed any snake. Kalsarp dosh means we have left our sadhana in between. Our Sukshma Nadi is not cleared experiences . Our Surya Nadi , Chandra nadi is still not experienced completely . So, to get rid of Kalsarp dosh We need to do Mediation, Healing, Yoga. According to astrological chart, if one side of Rahu and ketu have all planets, it is termed as Kalsarp Dosh. Now question is , if we see astrological chart after 10 Yrs, 20 Yrs, 40 yrs, you will still see Kalsarp dosh in you chart, its because its only of your birth time which will be fix, but if we take of example of blood report, 2 yrs before your blood report which detected diabetes, could not be the same now, hence we need to take new blood report to diagnosis for current issue, There are many changes happening in the life, like the way your parents nourishes you , you your self also do nourishment, so your astrological chart doesn’t have that much value as it should have . You have to change your believe system. You have to remove all old myth from your mind , Once you are free from your believe system, you are also free from that Dosha . You your self attract that Dosha, It might happened that there are 20 to 30 percent of application , but rest 80 percent is due to your believe System, fear get manifest. Few things Nature has written for us, and it is going to happen, which is divine destiny . We can change anything that is not divine destiny . It is every thing in our hand. If you change your believe system, if you change your perceptions , definitely you can change everything .

We have seen many infertility cases which was declared unsuccessful in medical science, which was unsuccessful according to Astrological Chart.

After that Those Visited Sai Karuna Mission, they learned Healing, they have done self healing and they got result( now they have children) .

We can change any thing except birth time chart and death time , We have to make change between this two end points . To make changes , we have designed few techniques of meditation, healing on theta level, delta level , Karuna Healing, Psyching Surgery, so that we can change it, We should do it on our own to get 100 Percent result, This is because its your pending lessons , If you ask some one to do it for you it will result only 10 to 20 Percent, Earlier there was no education, so on bases of religion, people use to advise that xyz is your punishment and you have to do abc karma kand, Today we are well educated and we can understand why we should get it done from other, Its similar to medical diseases, if you have High Blood pressure, you have to take medicine, you cannot ask other person to take it for you.

Do not depend on anyone , if any one has said to you , you have specific dosh, you have to do healing, Karma kriya you have to do . Mahavir Was Enlightened, still some one had put nails, Jejus was Crucified, Buddha was also troubled by Ungli baba. This was there unlearn chapter , that they have to complete. The moment they accepted , they came out of it .

Black Magic :- if anyone say some of has done black magic on you, its 100 Percent correct, but for that you are also responsible because , in some of your previous life you have Curse them, Today they have Curse you.

Karma Should be Neutralized, All people in the world are here to neutralized the Karma , Covid -19 also has came to neutralized you, not to punish you,

If any things take birth due to Karma, it will never disappear permanently, it might be HIV, Tuber clauses , Cancer, swine flu, Chikungunya , Covid 19 , all new things are going to come , because we are doing new karmas . AS we will go on creating complex karma, nature will introduce new things to neutralize our karma.

So don’t get panic, We just have to study with Positivity , love and light . Our Five Elements that are imbalanced internally, start reflecting in our house, we get wrong entrance house. Wrong direction Kitchen, But if we do our self healing , if we keep Crystals which should be charged regularly, That place will also get positive , you will also become positive . Along that it is also necessary to do self correction . Our Ancestor were lacking in the self corrections. They updated us outside correction more. In abroad countries, they do self correction more , like affirmation, past life regression, Hypno theraphy, theta Healing , etc . Its necessary to do correction outside as well as more in Inside(self correction) we have to do

We have kept Crystals in our House, All our Centre are also have crystal so that we can make environment positive. At the same time we also do self correction, we do meditation, healing so we should be positive from inside , our chakra should be balanced ,

Mangal Dosh :- We should be tuned according to our planets. It is not tuned, we will face problem, e.g. Mars frequency should match our root chakra 1.7 Hz. If your root chakra frequency is 1.6 Hz then you will have Malgal Dosh. To over come this we should do Ganpati Mantra/ Karuna healing .

Shani Dosh :- If you are having Sade sathi , you should heal your sacral chakra, its frequency in 1.9 Hz, When you have shani Dosh, auditing of Karma take place. If we do good karma before shani dosh, Shani dosh will give you good results, But if you have done bad karma before shani dosh, then it will punish us .

Better late then never. Never think or say , what bad karma I have done last life because of which current life is suffering . This is because it was your choice to select husband, wife , children , Education, profession religion , you cannot change 30 percent , you cannot change your parent, but you can change 70 Percent, You change your believe System, Everything will get Change(70) Percent

You have to do is Mediation, We can help you to teach meditation, you have to do this, but how many days it has to be done, we cannot say because karma does not have any parameters , karma don’t have any measurement. No measurement how many Sanchitta karma you have brought, no measure how much are pop up in Prarabdha karma. We can tell you In Aura, how much negative energy was there before and after . we can tell you status of your chakra are positive and definitely we can come out of this

People those who are on Spiritual path, they have more challenges, this is because when we do practice like yoga, healing, past life regression, Prarabdha increase more. We deal with Sanchitta and get a greater number of Prarabdha karma, you will say its negative, its actually not negative. Evolution is Fast here; your number of lives will become less. It might happen that you still have to take 200 life’s, but due to spiritual practice you can out of karma in 40 life.

Karma Kand Karma

Action you perform in current life is called Karma Kand Kriya