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Law of Awareness and Consciousness

Law of Awareness and Consciousness


Law of Awareness and Consciousness

Things that are out of focus is call awareness. Abundance means, we are in jagarut awastha, we are aware who is sitting in front of us. This is jagarut awastha. We normally, try to increase energy in our life, right from childhood to old age, we want energy, strength to be happy. As long as body is young, it generates energy on its own, when body become old, it does not generate energy. Then person has to be depended on the nature for energy requirements, our passion creates more energy in you, but as we get elder, our energy gets depleted, energy and passion both depletes. Process of generation of new cells slows down. Continuously practice of yoga and meditation helps to increase the rate of generation of new cell. Being in compassion and being passionate keeps energy active. After a certain Age, mental outlook changes and drifts towards poverty mindset along with feeling of leaving the world. Another reason for this is that with age our Chetna , our consciousness increases. Risk taking capacity decreases with age, due to experiences of people, things, different Systems, etc. People who are spiritual, they keep increasing their consciousness. People who are professional or who live in society, they function in order to increase their energy.

Law of Awareness

  • Start doing activity like yoga, meditation, Healing,
  • Stop analysis and judging other people,
  • Stop trying to Improve other people who don’t want to improve,
  • Do Self-analysis, find out how much anger, fear, insecurity, ego do you have. Work upon it

Internal Experiences and External Experiences

Internal Experiences: Doing Meditation, Yoga, Healing, or other actives that balances Nadi, chakra, meridian is an internal Experience. Doing this result in senses of many things (sixth sense)

External Experiences: When we take 3 years old kid to school, we put him/her on external experiences. His eyes are programmed for external experience, like different color, different objects but 99% of people take experience of external things, which results in imbalance of energy, SUN and MOON Nadi get imbalanced.

There are only two type of people. They can be either Logical or Emotional

  • Logical Person do analysis more of subject and object. Educated People apply more logic in each and everything.
  • Emotional Person get more attach to external things (Children get more attracted towards chocolate, Adult at certain age get more attract to explore sexuality).

In this way the end up losing five sense. Which results due to application vision to outside world, which should be inside. Common examples are, compulsion of eating at set timings of breakfast , lunch dinner without actually being hungry. No realising how much sugar level is required for the body, same with calcium, blood pressure, cholesterol. This happens due to self-detachment.

People either have lost in Education System or have lost in Religious Kriya Kand, People want doctor, pandit, Poojary, mantra, tantra to achieve things in the life.

Our own sense guides us correctly towards what actions to be need, but loss of our senses results in insecurity, feeling of some one is attacking us from outside, feeling that outside environment is bad and feeling that people now a days are bad. We give these reason as our self-analysis is ended. We then get into something like thread, Water, siracha kalach, we need protection, but how much time will it work, it has its own lifetime. After that again we will be insecure, fear will get active.

Only the solution to come out of your insecurity and fear permanently is by Witnessing own self. Start creating awareness. Awareness of GOD, Thoughts, breath, emotions, action. Whatever you do, should be done with awareness. If you are not aware of what you are doing, then you can not judge whether you are doing write or wrong. Professionals like Doctor, Courts, Lawyers, CA are present in society to help us for finding where we are wrong.

In game like cricket, there are two teams playing, but there is umpire to judge them. He will tell if it’s no ball, wide ball, etc. Similarly we also have umpire i.e. awareness. Normally we people are depended on our Doctor. Doctor will guide you as per his knowledge which is limited.

Dr Uday Shah Experiences

I, Dr Uday Shah was working In Ramakrishna Hospital from 1995-1998 as a consultant doctor, aio used to allow asthmatic patients to have milk because i felt milk was good for health, as it has good amount of energy, but three years after research with nature cure, I found out that milk has more mucus, which is not good for Asthma patient. We doctor says, in old age milk should be taken more as it has more energy, but later we found that it has more proteins, more deposit of protein push calcium outside the body, both calcium and proteins cannot live together. I was taught the same in medical science and same I advised to patients. Asthma Patient got more attack, I thought patient’s asthma is getting more DE tolerate but was not aware it happening due to my wrong advice.

At my 8 yrs. College times, I never carried books, Whatever lecturer used to teach use, it was directly getting stored in brain, at time of exams also I was relaxed, because content was supposed to be stored in brain, job was not only to write on the book. Today it has been 23yrs, I have not done any medical practice, still I can remember what was taught.

We have to go hand in hand simultaneously, we should not go against our religion, we should know what rules and regulation Religious People have made and what was their experience, but ultimately, we should have our own experiences. We can become compassionate like Jesus, we can become sidhantwadi like Lord Rama, we can become clever like Lord Krishna, but we cannot follow them 100% because we have to create our own soul identity, have to take our own experience. We don’t want to make any one role model, your children carry your genes, that doesn’t mean, they will do same what you wish.

Religious people follow other experiences and spiritual people follow own experiences. Religious people run the schools; Spiritual people run the college. School have rules and regulations, Dress code, Books timetable wise, specific question should be specific answer only. College has freedom, no dress code, your choice to carry books with you.

How to increase Internal Experience

If you want to increase your consciousness, you just have to sit in silence. Contrary to that maximum time in our day we waste on doing analysis and judging the people, wasting time in improving others. Instead should do self-analysis, how much anger, fear, insecurity, ego do we have.

We at Sai karuna Mission teaches people different therapies, like Healing, Vaastu, graphology, yoga, Meditation, Graphology, Numerology etc, we make people independent. If they practice regularly, they don’t need us, It’s very important to do so because it’s their own life cycle, at end they will leave body, when taking rebirth, soul will enter new body, it’s soul who have to complete incomplete lessons, may be in current life or in next life. Take experience of other people with your own awareness and self-analysis. This is the reason that nature have given us Five element (Panch Maha Bhuta)